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The Miracle Of Weight Training

As the subtitle suggests, I wrote this short 7,500 word booklet to share what I feel are The Top-7 Benefits Of Weight Training People Really Need To Know About. Benefits which go beyond mere cosmetic concerns. Such as enhanced flexibility, bone health, improved blood sugar control, and more!

ROCK Non-Stick Cookware

Rock Non-Stick Cookware

This is the only cookware I use these days. Why? Because I hate cleaning up sticky, messy pots and pans. And I've found that most so-called "stick free" cookware is anything but stick-free. But "The Rock" cookware truly is virtually stick free, and unbelievably easy to clean up. Highly recommended!

Liquid Stevia Sweetener

Liquid Stevia Now Foods

A 100% natural sweetener which is calorie free, zero carb, and won't rot your teeth. This is a highly concentrated sweetener, so just a few drops will do ya! A healthy alternative for sweetening your morning tea or coffee. And without the controversy and health concerns of artificial sweeteners. 

Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Breathe Right Nasal Strips - Clear

 Many people, including myself, don't breathe through our noses very well, for all kinds of reasons. I find that using these at night greatly helps my ability to breathe normally through my nose, and thus sleep much better. Truly a life changing product for many of us, since deep sleep is critical.

Doctor's Best Magnesium

Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the few nutritional supplements I personally take and recommend. It's hard to get enough of it through food alone. Not impossible, but very challenging. This is a very important mineral you don't want to be deficient in. Supplementation may be advisable. 

Calcium Hydroxyapatite

Calcium Hydroxyapatite, NOW Foods

Of course some dairy products are high in calcium, but not everyone can tolerate dairy. Plus, some studies seem to indicate that consumption of more than modest amounts of dairy may negatively impact human health. Thus moderate calcium supplementation may be advisable in certain situations.

Free Weights vs. Machines

 My 2nd Amazon Kindle booklet, which delves into one of the oldest debates within weight training circles. Which is weights or weight machines? You may have heard that free weights are supposedly "best" but this booklet challenges that oft-repeated claim with science and common sense. 

More Products Coming Soon!

More Products Coming Soon

More Products Coming Soon

More Products Coming Soon

More Products Coming Soon

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