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Stop Looking For "Easy Shortcuts" & Get To Work!

To those who keep searching in vain for some kind of easy short-cut to a lean, strong, and healthy body...There is no short cut! Optimizing your physique and health takes hard work and self discipline. No pill, guru, potion or elixir is going to get the job done. There's simply no replacement for consistent hard work in the gym, combined with disciplined eating habits and avoiding excess alcohol. Lazy, unmotivated, undisciplined people will never achieve an impressive body transformation until they stop looking for goofy short cuts that will never exist, and stop making excuses for being mediocre. Rant over. Now get to work.

Don't Exercise Like a Trained Seal at the Circus

A current fad within the personal training industry is to have clients perform exercises on unstable surfaces, such as balls, balance boards, etc. Much like a trained seal at the circus. Proponents of such circus-act type workouts claim that exercising in such a manner is optimal because it supposedly works the target muscles better. However, not only is this claim incorrect, it is horribly, catastrophically incorrect. The kind of incorrect that makes even the Angels of Heaven shed tears of frustration at such stupidity. Want to exercise your shoulders, arms, chest, etc. in the most optimal manner? Then you better darn-well exercise them while perched atop a very stable surface! Trying to exercise your muscles, while doing your best initiation of a trained seal at the circus, will actually cause the target muscles to do less overall work. As well as introducing the potential for an injury producing fall. Again, proper, result producing exercise should always be performed on a very stable surface. Period. Case closed. Any trainer claiming otherwise should seek employment with the circus rather than as a personal trainer.

Decadence & Hedonism Make You Weak, Flabby and Unhealthy

Degeneracy of all kinds runs rampant throughout our decadent, hedonistic culture. Higher values, such as self discipline, delayed gratification, living within one's means, avoiding debt, control of one's sexual impulses, controlling what we feed our mind, etc., are all too often subordinated to the false gods of instant gratification and so-called "pleasure". But temporary "pleasures" seldom bring true joy or lasting peace of mind. And yes, this all applies to diet and exercise as well. Want to know the REAL reason so many people are so horribly out of shape? Dietary hedonism (if it tastes decadent, then eat it mentality) and a stubborn unwillingness to exert enough self discipline to exercise regularly. To change your outside appearance and overall health, you must first break-free from the chains of decadence and hedonism, and pursue the higher, more noble values of physical discipline (i.e. exercise) and dietary self restraint.

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Get Weekly Fitness & Diet Tips Via Email