Shreveport Personal Trainer, Jeff Consiglio (a.k.a. Coach Jeff)

A safe, sane & time efficient approach to body recomposition


Bob Bates – Shreveport

“Thank you for working with my crazy schedule. Also, thanks for all the knowledge. I’ve learned a lot so far and look forward to continuing the growth, mentally & physically.”

Kelly Morrison – Shreveport

“Jeff is great at developing a plan tailor made to my specific needs. He is extremely professional and I love the gym he has me in. I would recommend Jeff Consiglio to any one looking for a personal trainer.” 

Justin D – Shreveport

"I've worked with several trainers. Jeff is a true professional, as he not only possesses his own knowledge and experiences, but is able to cite countless studies & sources from which he develops his methods.”

About Coach Jeff

Shreveport Personal Training

“You did wonders with me, and I really saw amazing results from working with you” ~ Lisa Langely, Shreveport

I'm a Shreveport based personal trainer with many years experience training a diverse range of clients. I've even trained some Hollywood people, including an Academy Award winner. I've also written several Amazon Kindle booklets on exercise & weight training. I specialize in no-nonsense body transformation programs designed to generate a lean, strong, and athletic looking body. And without having to spend half your life in a gym. No fads, no trendy nonsense. Just hard work on the time tested exercises that give you the most bang for your buck. 

Training Programs & Rates

Once a Week Basic Muscle Tone Training Program

The perfect program for busy people who just want some “basic muscle tone” without having to live in a gym. Yes, it works!

$180 Per-Month

Twice a Week Body Transformation Program

This program is the sweet spot for people who want to develop a somewhat more “dramatic" looking” physique. 

$280 Per-Month

Three Times a Week Muscle Building Program

For those seeking to develop an even more muscular physique...Just not as “bulky” as a pro bodybuilder or NFL linebacker.

$380 Per-Month


"I've been training with Coach Jeff for a couple of years now. I have never felt better in my life! My overall physical fitness is outstanding, and I am able to do more activities with less effort, and feel much less tired, than ever before. No matter your age or physical condition, I would highly recommend a training regime with Coach Jeff." - Mark Owen, Shreveport 

My private personal training gym is conveniently located in south Shreveport's Twelve Oaks subdivision, near HWY 3132 & Flournoy Lucas Rd.

Request A Free Initial Training Session

I never "sell" anyone on training with me as a client. I simply have you come into my gym for a free workout so you can experience what my approach to fitness and body recomposition is all about. And of course we'll chat a bit about your goals and get any questions you might have answered. To request a free initial training session, simply fill out the email contact form below. I will then email you back with a suggested time for your initial training session.

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