Shreveport Personal Trainer, Jeff Consiglio (a.k.a. Coach Jeff)

A safe, sane & time efficient approach to body recomposition


Bob Bates – Shreveport

“Thank you for working with my crazy schedule. Also, thanks for all the knowledge. I’ve learned a lot so far and look forward to continuing the growth, mentally & physically.”

Kelly Morrison – Shreveport

“Jeff is great at developing a plan tailor made to my specific needs. He is extremely professional and I love the gym he has me in. I would recommend Jeff Consiglio to any one looking for a personal trainer.” 

Justin D – Shreveport

"I've worked with several trainers. Jeff is a true professional, as he not only possesses his own knowledge and experiences, but is able to cite countless studies & sources from which he develops his methods.”

About Coach Jeff

Shreveport Personal Training

“You did wonders with me, and I really saw amazing results from working with you” ~ Lisa Langely, Shreveport

I'm a Shreveport based personal trainer with many years experience training a diverse range of clients. I've even trained some Hollywood people, including an Academy Award winner. I've also written several booklets on weight training and exercise. I specialize in no-nonsense body transformation programs designed to generate a lean, strong, and athletic looking body. And without having to spend half your life in a gym. No fads, no trendy nonsense. Just hard work on the time tested exercises that give you the most bang for your buck. 

My Exercise Philosophy

Let’s face it, most people exercise simply to look better. So, in terms of body transformation preferences, my approach to exercise is designed to generate a lean, fit looking body, rather than bulking people up into pro bodybuilder or NFL linebacker dimensions. But having said that, my #1 rule of exercise is to keep it safe, sane, and sustainable across your entire lifespan. Your exercise program should make you healthier and more functional, rather than generating a dysfunctional, injured body. I believe a well designed and safely executed resistance training program (i.e. working the body’s skeletal muscles against some form of resistance) is the most effective form of exercise by far. No other form of exercise gives you as much bang for your buck as resistance training. Throw in 30 minute brisk walks most days, and you’re good to go. 

Training Programs & Rates

Once a Week Basic Muscle Tone Training Program

The perfect program for busy people who just want some “basic muscle tone” without having to live in a gym. Yes, it works!

$180 Per-Month

Twice a Week Body Transformation Program

This program is the sweet spot for people who want to develop a somewhat more “dramatic" looking” physique. 

$280 Per-Month

Three Times a Week Muscle Building Program

For those seeking to develop an even more muscular physique...Just not as “bulky” as a pro bodybuilder or NFL linebacker.

$380 Per-Month


"I've been training with Coach Jeff for a couple of years now. I have never felt better in my life! My overall physical fitness is outstanding, and I am able to do more activities with less effort, and feel much less tired, than ever before. No matter your age or physical condition, I would highly recommend a training regime with Coach Jeff." - Mark Owen, Shreveport 

My private personal training gym is conveniently located in south Shreveport's Twelve Oaks subdivision, near HWY 3132 & Flournoy Lucas Rd.

Request A Free Initial Training Session

I never "sell" anyone on training with me as a client. I simply have you come into my gym for a free workout so you can experience what my approach to fitness and body recomposition is all about. And of course we'll chat a bit about your goals and get any questions you might have answered. To request a free initial training session, simply fill out the email contact form below. I will then email you back with a suggested time for your initial training session.