Muscle-Tone Program
Once a week full-body workouts
– $180 Per-Month –

The perfect program for busy people who just want some “basic muscle tone” without having to live in a gym. This program involves performing one supervised, full body (Training all the major muscle groups during that time) resistance training workout per week, and delivers surprising results for such a very minimal time commitment.  Couple this program with daily brisk walks, and you’ll be surprised at the results you get from such a minimalist approach to resistance training.

Body Transformation Program
Two workouts per-week
– $280 Per-Month –

A more advanced resistance training program which involves training twice a week. This program is the “sweet spot” for most of my personal training clients, who wish to develop a more “dramatic looking” physique, above and beyond basic muscle tone. And still very time efficient overall. About half my clients follow this program.

  Advanced Body Transformation
Three workouts a week 
– $380 Per-Month –

This training program is for those seeking to develop a more muscular physique, yet still not as “bulky” as a steroid using pro bodybuilder. (I do NOT tolerate steroid use at all!) Frankly, not many of my clients fall into this category, and it’s rare that I even have 3 weekly time-slots available. Nonetheless this program is a potential option for those with very ambitious body transformation goals.

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