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I had my first job as a professional fitness trainer in 1986. Since then I have been heavily involved in the fitness industry in one capacity or another. Including training people, weight loss coaching, and writing a nationally featured health & fitness column for several years. I currently own and operate a private personal training studio in Shreveport. I live with my lovely wife Deb, and our two children Joshua & Ashley. I look forward to helping you reach your fitness and fat-loss goals.

Give me just 30-minutes of your time per-week, and I’ll give you a leaner, stronger, and healthier body! And yes…30 minutes a week really is all it takes.

To paraphrase the words of the late Arthur Jones – the genius founder of Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries, who originally pioneered the idea of time efficient, supervised workouts….You can not buy time – but you can waste it. You can not horde time – but you can invest it wisely. I can not sell you time – but I can help you make the most efficient use of your time spent exercising. Not only in terms of helping you reduce the length of time it takes to reach your body transformation goals, but also greatly reducing the time per week spent exercising, as compared to most other approaches to exercise.  While producing FAR BETTER FINAL RESULTS, than you are likely to achieve from most other so-called “fitness” programs.

Why spend countless hours per week doing inefficient workouts, when you can produce far better results in a fraction of that time with more efficient exercise methods based on scientific reality rather than outdated gym-lore and fitness-mythologies??

All my personal training clients are put on an extremely time-efficient (30 minutes per week) progressive resistance training program, based upon exercises which are safely congruent with human muscle, joint, and spinal function.

Progressive resistance training is by far the most effective form of exercise for sculpting the human body, maintaining youthful levels of calorie burning lean muscle tissue, and preventing destructive demineralization of the skeleton.

Another benefit of a properly designed and executed progressive resistance training program, is that it is by far the best form of exercise for promoting insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle tissues, which helps one avoid the development of type-2 diabetes.

And lastly, progressive resistance training is also by far the best way to maintain a youthful level of muscular strength, which makes you a more capable person in many regards. Lean and strong is ALWAYS better than being merely “skinny” – yet weak and frail!

Only 30-Minutes of Exercise a Week? What’s the Catch?

People are often initially skeptical that a mere 30-minutes of resistance training per week can “get the job done” as well as most people want.

And just to clarify…I’m NOT saying you only need 30-minutes of exercise a week. I tell all my clients to take a brisk daily walk for 30 to 60 minutes a day.

But when it comes to resistance/strength training, 30-minutes a week not only “gets the job done”…it is an absolute requirement for optimizing the results of the genetically typical individual who is not on muscle recovery drugs, does not want to wear their joints out, and doesn’t have time to live in a gym anyway.

What most people often fail to fully understand, is that a properly designed and executed resistance training program is very, very strong medicine. And like with any medicine, there is both a therapeutic dose and a potentially toxic dose.

By way of analogy – Two aspirins gets rid of a headache, whereas thirty aspirins does not do a “better job” of getting rid of a headache, and is in fact a highly toxic dose that will generate very unpleasant side-effects.

We see a similar situation with resistance training. An intense (but always within the abilities and limitations of each individual) full-body resistance training workout, which trains all the body’s major muscle groups, is extremely strong medicine which MUST be administered in conservative therapeutic doses. Toxic doses of such strong medicine MUST be avoided at all costs.

Training with such strong medicine for too long, or too often is toxic. Training with the right “therapeutic dose” however is healing and regenerative to the human body.

Intense resistance training workouts literally cause microscopic rips and tears in your muscles. They also cause at least some degree of microscopic wear and tear to your tendons and ligaments. But that’s actually a GOOD thing. A very GOOD thing.

Because that is the stimulus which causes your body to not only repair the “damage” – but to repair it BETTER than it was before you caused those little rips and tears via your last resistance training workout. What we refer to as overcompensation.

But it takes TIME for this repair and overcompensation process to occur! Much more time than most people, or even most personal trainers realize.

For most people, it takes about a week or so. Which is why, even though it would be more financially profitable for me to do so, I NEVER train clients more than 30-minutes, once a week.  Because that is indeed the optimal “therapeutic dose” of intense progressive resistance training for most people.

To learn more about this science based and highly time efficient approach to progressive resistance training, be sure to request a free initial consult and workout, using the contact form in the upper right hand area of this webpage.

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Thank you for working with my crazy schedule. Also, thanks for all the knowledge. I’ve learned a lot so far and look forward to continuing the growth, mentally & physically.

- Bob Bates, Shreveport,

I have worked with several trainers. Coach Jeff is a true professional, as he not only possesses his own knowledge and experiences, but is able to site countless studies & sources from which he develops his methods. Coach Jeff is highly recommended!

- Justin Davis, Shreveport,

Jeff is great at developing a plan for my specific needs. He is extremely professional and I have been nothing but comfortable with every step of the process and I would recommend Coach Jeff to any one looking for a personal trainer.

- Kelly Morrison, Shreveport,

You’re an awesome trainer. You did wonders with me, and I really saw amazing results from working with you.

- Lisa Langley, Shreveport,

This training with you has been the best thing for me physically and mentally!

- Carol Gamble, Shreveport,

Personal Training Rates - Invest in YOU!

Rates for personal training are just $180 per-month.  (Less than many people spend on Starbucks or fast food meals each month!) All training is on a month to month basis, and I do not require anyone to buy large multi-month “training packages” in advance.

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