About The Trainer

Shreveport personal trainer & weight loss coach Jeff Consiglio

Hi, my name is Jeff Consiglio, and I’m a Shreveport personal trainer with almost 30 years of real-world experience in the fitness industry. I’ve even trained some “Hollywood people” over the years…including an Academy Award winner. I specialize in safe, sustainable, and time efficient exercise for busy people who want great results, but without getting injured.

You’re an awesome trainer. You did wonders with me, and I really saw amazing results from working with you. – Lisa Langley, Shreveport

A Safe, Sane, and Sustainable Approach to Exercise

Congratulations on taking your first step towards improving both your physique and overall health. I realize investing in a personal trainer is a big financial and emotional commitment to most people, and I therefore always strive to maximize your “rate of return” on that investment. It is my job to take your body transformation goals as seriously as you do…and I do.

I will work with you on a very individual level to ensure we customize a workout and eating plan that is not only effective from a purely physiological viewpoint, but also something you can see yourself sticking with over the long-term.

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my all years training people (Had my fist paid personal trainer job way back on 1985), it’s that no matter how “perfect” a diet or workout program looks “on paper”…it will ultimately end up useless if the program is so severe and inflexible that it causes you to quit the program altogether.

Yes there is a science to training, healthy eating, and fat loss…but once we start applying that science to actual living human beings it becomes more of an art than an exact science. And it takes a highly experienced trainer, who’s had time to master the ART of training real people who have to live in the real world, to help you achieve mastery over your eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

So yes…I’m tough…but not harsh. Nor overly dogmatic or inflexible in how I train and consult with my clients.

Though I am dogmatic about safety. I believe your exercise program should not just make you “buff looking”…but also enhance your overall health. And that any fitness program which undermines your overall joint, spinal, or systemic health is NOT even worth considering, no matter how effective it may be in terms of cosmetic enhancement.

When you hire me as your personal trainer and fat loss coach, you can be certain you’ve made the best possible investment you could have made. An investment which will ultimately pay you back much more than you could have imagined.

Why Hire me as Your Personal Trainer?

– Work with a trainer with literally decades of real-world training experience
– Strong emphasis on making dramatic cosmetic improvement to your physique
– Maximize fat loss results via customized diet and calorie tracking
– Regenerate your body, rather than degenerating your joints & spine
– Make dramatic cosmetic improvements to your body in a HEALTHY manner
– Efficient exercise methods that produce results in 30-60 minutes per week
– Exercises which train multiple muscles simultaneously = Time Efficient
– Based on science rather than outdated “muscle-head” gym-lore
– A safe & sustainable resistance training program that won’t injure you
– All muscle groups trained in accordance with proper joint and muscle function
– Better results than you could EVER get with Yoga, Pilates, or group workouts
– Smooth and controlled exercise performance to ensure long-term joint health
– No excessive flexion/extension of spine, which can cause back injuries
– Build “core strength” in a safe manner; congruent with human spinal function
– Get a lean & fit looking physique with a surprisingly minimal time investment

All journeys, no matter how long, begin with a first step. So take the first step towards transforming your body, health, and life by simply requesting a free initial consultation and workout.

I look forward to helping you reach your body transformation goals, in a safe, healthful, and sustainable manner.

This training with you has been the best thing for me
physically and mentally! – Carol Gamble, Shreveport