The best way to generate optimal body transformation results, by far, is with a properly designed and executed resistance training program (coupled with a proper diet and calorie management) which is optimized for YOUR unique biochemistry and lifestyle.

In other words, work your muscles against some form of resistance in the most productive and safe manner possible, and eat right.

Of course most people are already well-aware of the importance of diet for optimizing one’s overall body composition, and health. (Though controversy rages over WHICH diet is “best”) But surprisingly, many people are not aware of the fact that a properly designed resistance training program is the BEST form of exercise. Period.

No other form of exercise even comes close to delivering the kinds of results which can ONLY be optimally generated with a well structured resistance training program.

Other forms of exercise, such as yoga, Pilates, Zumba, cardio kick-boxing, fitness bootcamps, etc., simply can not generate the dramatic body transformation results one can ONLY acquire through a well thought-out and implemented resistance training program.

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Benefits of a properly designed and executed resistance training program that is customized to YOUR unique needs and goals

- “Sculpts” the human body better than ANY other form of exercise, which is a very good thing, since one of the main reasons people exercise is to LOOK BETTER

– Develops muscular balance between opposing muscle-groups (Pushing vs. pulling)

– Best form of exercise for increasing “insulin-sensitivity” in your muscles, which can help you to avoid deposition of calories into fat-cells, as well as helping to avoid or delay the onset/severity of type-2 diabetes.

- Resistance training is the best way to maintain bone mineral density into old age

- Resistance training is the best way to avoid “sarcopenia” as well, which is a clinical term for age-related loss of vital lean muscle tissue

- The best resistance training exercises are actually pretty simple, and do NOT require an unusual degree of balance, coordination, or athleticism in order to perform them correctly and safely.

- Resistance training is actually a GREAT form of “aerobic” exercise, if done properly, with minimal rest between exercises. A properly conducted resistance training session will keep your heart and breathing rate elevated throughout the workout, thereby generating BOTH aerobic and strength conditioning effects at the same time.

- Resistance training is the ONLY form of exercise which is optimally “progressive” in nature. Meaning you can PROGRESS on all your resistance training exercises for a very, very long time. Your body will ONLY improve if exposed to increasingly greater challenges over time. With other forms of exercise, the “challenge” is usually constant and unchanging, which is NOT going to get the job done in an optimal manner. With proper resistance training however, your “total workload” is always increasing in a very safe and gradual manner, which literally FORCES your body to have to improve.

I could go on and on about the many benefits of resistance training, but by now you probably realize I’m very enthusiastic about it, and that it’s the foundation of my approach to personal fitness training.

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Your resistance training program MUST be SAFE!

Many fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers make the mistake of thinking that the #1 goal of exercise is to get a better looking body.


Sure, I’ll be the first to admit that most people exercise for the sake of looking better. Also because they want to feel better and stay healthy.

All very noble goals of course. As a somewhat “older guy” myself, I also want to look my best, and improve my overall health. But I also know that should NOT be the #1 goal of my workouts.

Because the #1 priority of any workout program should be KEEP IT SAFE!

No matter how good a given workout program might be in terms of generating a better looking physique, it’s ultimately worse than useless if it gets you hurt in the process.

I am very laser focused on keeping my client’s workouts SAFE.

Yes I’m also VERY focused on helping my personal training clients get the cosmetic improvements they seek as well, but NEVER at the expense of their long-term systemic, spinal, or joint health.

Which is why all client workouts are customized to each individual’s needs, abilities, and limitations. I will push you hard, but always within YOUR personal limits of safety.

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Enough about me…let’s talk about YOU

I could go on and on about why I think you should hire me as your personal trainer, but I don’t want to bore you to death.

So let’s quit talking, and start taking some ACTION.

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