Quick snapshot of my approach to personal training:

All clients are prescribed a body transformation program which is congruent with their unique goals, abilities, and limitations.

Since the #1 goal of most of my personal training clients is to LOOK BETTER, I place a very strong emphasis on overall body transformation, and recomposition. Basically burning off excess fatty tissue while building calorie burning lean muscle. Thereby creating a more aesthetically pleasing physique via a combination of mostly free weight and bodyweight exercises, supplemented with certain machine based exercises.

There is also a major emphasis placed upon exercising in a very safe and sustainable manner. All exercises are performed in a smooth and controlled manner, with ZERO jerking, tugging, or sudden acceleration of the weights allowed.

Additionally, I will work with you to help you come up with an eating plan that works for YOUR goals, tastes in food, and how YOUR body responds to various dietary manipulations.

Training frequency generally ranges from once to twice times a week, depending upon your goals, needs, budget considerations, and times available for training.

I ONLY work with those who are very serious about their body transformation goals. If you’re looking for a personal trainer that will put you through easy, wimpy workouts, then please look elsewhere.

If you train with me, you will work HARD. But always within YOUR unique abilities and limitations.

My personal training program is NOT for the following:

- People looking for “comfortable” and “easy” workouts
- Those afraid to exert themselves a bit
- People with a history of cardiovascular disease
- Those more than 100 pounds overweight, due to heart attack risk
- Those who refuse to clean up their diet
- Those who insist on jerking and tugging on the weights
- Those with serious medical issues and health problems
- Those who think there are “easy shortcuts” to getting fit and healthy
- Those with severe hip, knee, ankle, elbow, or shoulder dysfunction
- Those who expect optimal results with little effort or sacrifice

In short, I ONLY work with those who are very serious about transforming their body and health for the better. (And are medically ok to engage in strenuous workouts) People who actually understand that anything in life worth achieving – including transforming your body for the better – takes proper knowledge, discipline, structure, planning, and commitment.

If that describes you, then you’re somebody I’ll be more than happy to work with.

All journeys, no matter how long, begin with a first step. So take the first step towards transforming your body, health, and life by simply requesting a free initial consultation and fitness assessment.

Just shoot me an email at jeff@ShreveportPersonalTrainer.com

Be sure to put the phrase CONSULT REQUEST in the subject of your email, so that I will respond to you quicker. And please also be sure to let me know what days and times of day are generally NOT good for you.

I look forward to helping you reach your body transformation goals!