Shreveport Personal Trainer, "Coach Jeff"

Private one-on-one personal fitness training & weight loss coaching for busy people who don't have time to live in a gym...with a special emphasis on the unique exercise and dietary needs of those over age 40

About Myself & Location of My Training Studio

My name is Jeff Consiglio ("Coach Jeff), and I'm a personal trainer, based in Shreveport, with decades of experience helping people maximize their body transformation results. I've even trained some "Hollywood people"...including an Academy Award winner. My private personal training studio is conveniently located in South Shreveport's Twelve Oaks subdivision, near the intersection of HWY 3132 & Flournoy Lucas.

Why Hire Me as Your Trainer?

  • Get properly supervised one-on-one fitness and weight loss coaching from a personal trainer with literally decades of experience helping people get fit, lean, and healthy via safe and efficient resistance training workouts. My goal is to do everything possible to ensure you get the kind of body transformation results you're looking for. But without the sort of ill-conceived "high impact" workouts (So trendy these days) that will get you HURT sooner or later.
  • Being almost 50 years old myself (Yikes!), I have a first-hand understanding of the unique challenges those over age 40 face when trying to get into shape...especially in regards to losing excess weight in one's more "advanced" years, with a slower metabolism. Not to mention the fact that one's joints and low back become much much more prone to injury, aches, and pains as one ages. If you're over age 40 or so, you need a trainer who understands these kinds of "issues" those of us no longer in our 20's or early 30's have to contend with.
  • Build a lean and fit looking body, rather than an overly "bulky bodybuilder" type physique, with a surprisingly minimal time investment of just 30 to 90 total minutes per-week.
  • Exercise in a manner which is safe and sustainable at ANY age. As long as you're medically o.k. to engage in vigorous resistance training, your workouts will be designed for optimal body transformation results, while being very kind to your joints and low back.
  • Workout in a private and clean training environment...unlike the “dirty, sweaty, jock” type of atmosphere you have to deal with (And smell?) at a lot of other gyms and personal training studios. All equipment is wiped down with a germicidal cleaner between clients. The personal training studio is also kept very cool for more efficient workouts and client comfort.

Request-a-FREE-ConsultationSimply type in your answers to the questions below to request a free no-obligation consult and introductory personal training session. (Sorry, but I'm not reachable by phone.) Your free initial consult and workout will give us both an opportunity to see if my approach to personal training might be a good match for your specific goals and needs. Upon receipt of your consult request I will respond via email with a suggested time for us to meet face to face. I look forward to hearing form you!

privacy If you still have questions about personal training you'd like answered before requesting a free initial consult, just shoot me an email at

Lisa Langley - Shreveport, LA

“You’re an awesome trainer. You did wonders with me, and I really saw amazing results from working with you.”

Kelly Morrison - Shreveport, LA

“Jeff is great at developing a plan that was what I wanted and was tailor made to my specific needs. I really like how he walks me through the how and why of each move so that I don’t just do the exercise, but I learn it so that I am able to exercise the right way on my own as well. He is extremely professional and I love the gym he has me in. I have been nothing but comfortable with every step of the process and I would recommend Jeff Consiglio to any one looking for a personal trainer.”

Patty Femmer - Washington, MO

“Jeff, thanks for your coaching and educating me about what’s truth and fiction in the nutrition world. I was very ignorant and believed many things that ’sounded good’ but weren't true at all.”

Bob Bates - Shreveport, LA

“Thank you for working with my crazy schedule. Also, thanks for all the knowledge. I’ve learned a lot so far and look forward to continuing the growth, mentally & physically.”

Carol Gamble - Shreveport LA

“This training with you has been the best thing for me physically and mentally!”

Laurie Giddens - Shreveport, LA

"Thanks for everything so far, the whole working out thing is both scary and exciting. You guys are a blessing.”


"Coach Jeff is a true professional, as he not only possesses his own knowledge and experiences, but is able to site countless studies & sources from which he develops his methods. Coach Jeff is highly recommended!”