Shreveport personal trainer & weight loss coach Jeff ConsiglioMy name is Jeff Consiglio (“Coach Jeff”), and I’m a Shreveport personal trainer with decades of training experience helping people achieve dramatic body transformations. I’ve even trained some “Hollywood people” over the years…including an Academy Award winner.

My specialty is in helping people get into great shape in a safe, sane, and time-efficient manner which is sustainable will into “old” age.

Far too many workout programs these days are NOT safe or sustainable at ANY age…let-alone into one’s advanced years!

And what good is any workout program…no matter how well it may work for improving your cosmetic appearance…if it ultimately turns you into an orthopedic wreck?

Train hard, but train safely & sustainably

All my clients, no matter what age they are, train very hard (Within their own personal strengths and limits), but with a very strong emphasis on avoiding excessive wear and tear on one’s joints, spine, and connective tissues.

Which is why my clients NEVER perform  joint/spine wrecking exercises such as violently executed kettle-bell swings, jumping on hard surfaces, ballistic jerking and tugging of weights, lifting weights on unstable rubber balls, or “core” exercises which overly bend or rotate the spine under load.

Avoid all the above if you prefer to maintain healthy joints and spinal integrity across your entire lifespan!

I really can not emphasize enough the critical importance of exercising in a safe and sustainable manner. I strongly believe exercise should be regenerative to the human body, rather than causing premature de-generation of one’s joints and spine.

All exercises should be congruent with human muscle, joint, and spinal function – as well as always performed in a very smooth and controlled manner. And that is exactly how you will exercise if you become a personal training client of mine.

Resistance training is the fountain of youth, and promotes
a firm, lean, and more youthful looking appearance

Resistance training (working your muscles against some form of resistance) is by far the MOST important and effective form of exercise. Even more important than “cardio” exercise in my opinion.

That’s because resistance training is by far the best way to prevent the loss of calorie burning lean muscle tissue and bone mass as we age. Other forms of exercise such as treadmills, Yoga, Pilates, etc. don’t even come close to resistance training in terms of promoting healthy lean muscle and bone mass well into one’s “advanced” years.

Resistance training is also the best form of exercise for improving the “insulin sensitivity” of your skeletal muscles, which (without boring you with a bunch of biochemistry) helps you avoid diabetes and fat gain, by allowing nutrients to be selectively “partitioned” into muscle tissue rather than excessively “spilling over” into your fat cells or “stacking up” to unhealthy levels in your bloodstream. The main job of insulin is to “shuttle” nutrients into your body’s trillions of cells, and resistance training (combined with healthy eating habits) allows insulin to do that critically important job as effectively as possible.

So yes…the need for resistance training is non-negotiable. It’s an absolute must for those of us who are not “ok” with watching our bones and youthful lean-muscle gradually melt away over time.

Resistance training is also the best way to avoid the  negative cosmetic consequences of flabby looking muscles brought about by disuse of your skeletal muscles.

And this is where a properly designed resistance training program really shines…by generating a healthy looking, sculpted physique…as opposed to the sort of “skinny-flabby” body one ends up with when they make the mistake of just “losing weight” without the benefits of resistance training.

Strong and lean bodies look and perform much better than skinny, flabby, and emaciated bodies!

And a properly structured resistance training program is the BEST way to maintain a youthful level of lean muscle on your body, which makes you look and perform at a more youthful level.

My Diet & Weight Control Philosophy

There is no single “cookie cutter” diet or weight control program which is going to be a 100% perfect match for all people in all situations. Individual variation in genetics, lifestyles, and tastes in food necessitate the need for a customized healthy eating plan that works well for YOU.

Having said that, I believe the preponderance of scientific evidence strongly supports the use of a low glycemic load (Controlling both the quality and quantity of carbohydrates) eating plan, as opposed to the sort of stereotypical starchy diet usually recommended by mainstream health bureaucracies.

And I say that as someone who was once very skeptical of low glycemic load diets and therefore used to recommend the “standard” low-fat/high-carb diet loaded with starch. But eventually I learned that low glycemic load diets are better supported by current science than low-fat, starchy diets. Not to mention the fact that, since going the low glycemic load route, I’ve seen MUCH better weight loss results with my clients.

So in summary, I am NOT a fan of low-fat/starchy diets AT ALL. I should also probably let you, as a potential training client, know that I am also not a fan of vegan or vegetarian diets AT ALL. So if you’re looking for a trainer to support you in following these type of diets, I’m probably not your guy in all honesty.

However, if you are open-minded to following a low glycemic load eating and weight control plan that is individualized to YOUR needs, then I just might be the trainer for you.

You’re an awesome trainer. You did wonders with me, and I really saw amazing results from working with you. – Lisa Langley, Shreveport

I will work with you on a very individual level to help you customize a diet program that is the best possible match for YOUR unique physiology, tastes in food, and lifestyle.

Enough about me…let’s talk about YOU

I could go on and on about why I think you should hire me as your personal trainer, but I don’t want to bore you to death.

So let’s quit talking, and start taking some ACTION.

Take the first step towards transforming your body, health, and life by simply requesting a free initial consultation. Your free, no hassle, no-obligation consult will last about 30-minutes or so, and give us both a chance to see if we can work together to help you maximize your body transformation results in a safe, sane, and sustainable manner.

I look forward to hearing from you!


“This training with you has been the best thing for me
physically and mentally.” – Carol Gamble, Shreveport